Team Spirit

Wind Turbine

Having generator technology as an expertise along with the desire to make full use of the wind energy potential in Indonesia, Lentera Angin Nusantara develops micro-scale wind turbines of capacity 500W, with the best efficiency in the world. Since 2012, this product has been implemented in a few regions in Indonesia and is now in the process of increasing its capacity to 2 kW.
Nano Kapitasi

Nano Cavitation

Our expertise in Nanotechnology and our vision to provide clean water to every corner of the archipelago drives Lentera Nano Nusantara to develop water purification innovations using high-pressure filtration nano-processes. The instrument called Nanocavitation can purify water, using energy efficiently.
Nano Kapitasi

Delay Fruit Maturity

Through Nanotechnological innovations, Lentera Nano Nusantara develops products to delay fruit ripening. This product is capable of delaying fruit ripening uniformly to up to 30 days, which will prolong the economic life span of the ripe fruit.
Project Title

Electric Car

Equipped with excellence in motor technology and engineering experience in electric vehicle design in collaboration with Kupu-Kupu Malam, Lentera Bumi Nusantara develops electric cars with a stylish and sporty design. This car is equipped with a motor designed by the LBN team to support the car's excellent performance.

Lentera Bumi Nusantara providing open data to monitor the supply of renewable energy!

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