Lentera Agriculture Nusantara

Converting ex-mining ponds to become more productive land

Food is a basic need that is crucial for every human being. Reduced agricultural land as well as the growing human population makes the provision of food to be one of the most important sectors of modern life. “LAgN” was formed with the aim to develop productive farming supported by new technology.

As a business entity formed to grow with the community, “LAgN” moves with local communities to develop the potential of agriculture, fisheries, and livestock. Through the application of agricultural technology, “LAgN” works with communities to make the most of critical land, making it productive agricultural land. This collaboration is expected to be the means of transfer of knowledge and technology, not forgetting to respect local values at the same time.

“LAgN” markets agricultural supporting technologies, fresh as well as processed food produce, the profits of which are used to increase the prosperity of locals and to support the technological research activities.

Empowering Critical Land

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Growing with the community to develop local potential

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