Lentera Nano Nusantara

Resolving the problem of clean water in remote regions

The Lentera Nano Nusantara division was formed on the basis of public demand for clean water as one of their basic necessities. The availability of clean water that can be used and consumed will determine the quality of life as it relates to health, economic, and social. The application of nanotechnology, Nanocavitation, for water treatment can provide significant help for a huge range of applications, from regions with difficulty to access clean water to everyday household use and agriculture.

Not only water treatment, “LNN” will also continue to innovate other nanotechnology based products, particularly products related to the food sector, fertilizer, feed, energy, as well as health and beauty. In accordance to the visions of Lentera Bumi Nusantara, the “LNN” was set up with the hope that it can contribute to improve the quality of life of citizens and the self-sustainability of the nation through the optimization of our natural resources.

Clean Water For All

Application of Nanotechnology